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Just select from our most popular SHY ranges. Use the drop options to select the width and height (in mm) that best matches your specifications.

CTS (Constant Tension System) Zip Rooflight Blind

This is Shy’s standard range of roof blind. It is the perfect product for windows between 500x200mm and 3000x3000mm. It is a great product at a very competitive price point.

SHY Zip Roofblinds

Price : £   inc. VAT

Wireless Zip Roof Blind

This is Shy’s latest product. It is a reworked version of there CTS system. It has the new and improved spring boxes with which do a fantastic job of keeping the fabric on large blinds flat and level. This product can be used for blinds measuring 500x200mm up to 3000x3500mm.

SHY Wireless Zip Roofblinds

Price : £   inc. VAT

FTS (Fabric Tensioning System) Zip Roof Blind

This product is Shy’s Twin motor system it is used for very large openings. In standard form they are used for openings from 2000x2000mm up to 4000x6000mm. This system can also be used to cover even larger areas. We have installed systems up to 20 meters in length and up to 6 meters wide! Please call to discuss your requirements.

Zip Roofblinds in Hertfordshire

Price : £   inc. VAT

Battery/Solar CTS Zip Roof Blind System

This system is Shy’s battery operated blind. It is very useful for when it is not possible to get a power supply. It has a lithium battery pack inside which is trickle charged by a solar power cell. This produces a extremely long battery life. It can be used for blinds 500x200mm up to 2000x2500mm.

Battery operated Zip Roofblinds in Hertfordshire

Price : £   inc. VAT

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