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My name is Graham Hardcastle and I am the owner of The Roofblind Company. I have worked in the window shading industry since 2012 with the vast majority of this time being spent in the high-end premium and bespoke sectors.

After starting out in the industry I soon discovered I had an aptitude for the work and a precise eye for the detail and perfection required for the specialist blinds trade. I have a passion for delivering exceptional quality and workmanship.

Over the years I have worked closely with various well-known, highly regarded larger companies which has enabled me to develop a brand name built upon superior quality and exceptional standards.

SHY is a leading commercial roller blind specialist in the UK and as an established reputable supplier, we specialise in bespoke roofing and skylight blinds for windows of out-of-the-ordinary shapes and sizes, with British-made, innovative products that transform your skylights.

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